A Tropical Adventure Pool Resort Park 

Escape to Paradise

Tahiti's Breeze gives tropical escape and adventure water sports enthusiasts an exotic, rejuvenating experience for fun, relaxation, and mind, body, and spirit wellness.  A tropical paradise isn't just a geographic location, it's an experience!

Adventure Water Sports in an Exotic Oasis 

Tahiti's Breeze will be an exotic, tropical oasis in the middle of a tropical desert. The adventure pool will be several acres to accommodate adventure water sports like flyboarding, surfing, kayaking, diving, paddle boarding, and more!  The resort will provide relief from the challenges of everyday life. Studies show that sports like surfing empower confidence and perseverance. 

Tahiti’s Breeze lets you and your family experience a tropical getaway without the inconvenience, extra expense, health risks, and hassle. Themed after the island of Tahiti, it features overwater bungalows and other attractions. There are many activities and entertainment, right inside the resort.  

Wave goodbye to your troubles! You'll feel like you're on a remote French Polynesian island while at Tahiti's Breeze. There's something for everyone - thrills and chills. It's the perfect place to play and stay.

Wellness & Fitness

At Tahiti's Breeze, you can be a part of wellness or fitness classes, such as surfing, swimming, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, and more, or just kick back and unwind while listening to the waves and sounds of nature. 

Tahiti's Breeze Solves Problems

Tahiti's Breeze helps communities in many ways. The goal is to transport guests to a place where they can disconnect and enhance their lives.

o  Improves physical and mental health
o  Aquatic access for a variety of adventure water sports
o  Provides a convenient exotic getaway
o  An inexpensive tropical staycation
o  Prevents recreational water illnesses
o  Keeps the public safe from water predators

The Tahitian Experience

Tahiti's Breeze is modeled after the island of Tahiti. It will simulate the Tahitian experience with tropical vegetation, cultural favorites, overwater bungalows and tiki huts.

Tahiti's Breeze will bring a slice of Tahiti to urban deserts that are not associated with the tropics. If you can't make it to the island, we'll bring part of the island to you!

Smart Filtration System for Water Safety

Since 2013, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has found pool water contamination in over 50% of public swimming pools. They have microorganisms. such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other chemicals that can affect your health. This water gets in your body just like the water you drink. Many natural bodies of water, such as lakes, oceans, and rivers have more severe contamination.

Tahiti's Breeze will use a unique, smart filtration system with AI sensors and monitoring to prevent microorganisms and to clean the water.

Relax and Rejuvenate in Nature

Have you noticed feeling better after being outside in nature? It's not a coincidence. Large bodies of blue water and nature heal the mind, body, and spirit. Just looking at clear, blue water for an extended period produces a slight meditative state. Studies have shown that blue water and nature are good for mental and physical health.  Many medical conditions can be prevented or alleviated with nature and blue water.

Discover more information in our blog article: The Nature Blue: A Deep Dive into the Benefits of Blue Water

Natural Additives & Eco-Friendly

Besides smart filtration, Tahiti's Breeze will use safe, effective, natural additives to keep the water clean. Natural additives are also much safer for people and the environment than chlorine. Most pools use large amounts of chlorine that's toxic to people and the environment, and still, the microorganisms remain. Rainwater will be captured to save water. Tahiti's Breeze is eco-friendly for the environment and economical for the public.

A Tropical Staycation

Instead of spending thousands on an island adventure, Tahiti's Breeze water park resort offers a similar experience, conveniently, for the price of admission. It will feature overnight visits in an overwater bungalow (business use patent). Tahiti's Breeze brings the flavor of Tahiti to the public without having to travel there. You can stay for a day or a week.

Market & Testimonial

Travel and tourism is a billion-dollar industry. “The aquatic core attraction with a resort feel and aquatic sports access is like nothing else in the market.” ~ Dan Martin Market Feasibility Advisors


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